Harlem logo
Logo for Harlem nightclub in Reykjavík, Iceland.
Rauðhetta & Úlfurinn
Logo proposal for Reykjavík hair salon.
Kaffi Hljómalind logo
2005 logo for Kaffi Hljómalind, an early organic café.
Iceland Airwaves logo
Logo for Reykjavík music festival Iceland Airwaves, designed in 2004-5
Party Zone logo
Logo for electronic music brand Party Zone, used for their radio show, club nights and larger events. Based on an earlier logo by Jökull Tómasson.
Volta nightclub logo
Logo for Reykjavík nightclub, a collaboration with Halli Civelek.
Víking beer logo
Logo for the Víking brewery. A redraw of a wonky 90s logo, which begat the larger Víking Ölgerð logo, which begat their custom typeface, partly designed by me and partly by Or Type.
VAMM Magazine logo
Logo for VAMM magazine, a Reykjavík style mag loosely modeled on The Face, which I ended up editing for the last issue too.
Stockfish Film Festival logo proposal
Logo proposal for the Stockfish film festival.
Puffin Scooters logo
Puffin Scooters – Logo for a scooter rental, early attempt at a custom type logo made from scratch.
Icelandic Student Bus Pass logo
Icelandic Student Bus Pass logo
Mr. Destiny logo
The Icelandic version of the logo for Mr. Destiny, promoting company best known for the Iceland Airwaves music festival.