Partial portfolio update

I added some things to my logo portfolio over at Behance, and a collection of my ten or so favorite covers for The Reykjavík Grapevine.

Currently I’m planning a rather large portfolio, I haven’t done one in almost a decade. There are some stories I’m itching to tell, and I also just want to go through everything.

As with any real creative proccess, I’m working out how to approach it, so it will happen. Currently I’m considering using this blog as a sketch pad. I’ve spent an awful lot of time already investigating and experimenting with website technique, making a nice looking site based on a WordPress template, trying out other tools and so-on.

WordPress, although it has many benefits, isn’t a nice tool for freeform design. Figuring out how to do anything takes a long time, since the design controls are very scattered. You may notice that I still haven’t figured out how to make the logo bigger up top here.

So I will iterate here. Try out modes of showing the work and telling the story, while I try to see how the general shape of the work should look like.

My portfolio here is then a work in progress, but I do hope that my portfolio will be a work in progress for the longest time, and the same to you.