Site logo, Sveinbjörn, my name, drawn in a 50's lettering style. I'm quite happy with it.
Hey there. I’m Sveinbjörn Pálsson. For my basic details, here are my LinkedIn and Facebook profiles.

I’m currently working independently. I left the Reykjavík Grapevine in the spring, although I’m still doing a few small things with them. I do not have a comprehensive, updated portfolio, still figuring out the narrative there. But you can check out my Behance portfolio for older graphic design stuff and my Instagram for more regular updates.

My music work is on Soundcloud and  Spotify and I put DJ mixes and radio shows on my Mixcloud. I put out an older track this summer called Bank, it’s on Spotify and other streaming services.

I’m currently not posting my writing anywhere, although I’m sporadically asked to write something at The Reykjavík Grapevine and you can find that here.

I have a lot of things brewing.

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